Refresh The Peace

The Peace Poem

We all wake up every day with a need to Find Peace. We look for it in last night’s dreams and small breaks in our schedule for the week.

Peace gives us clarity, focus, energy. Peace makes us strong. It gives us hope.

But we know peace can be elusive and hide behind a curtain or blend in with the trees. We know peace can be fickle and change like the weather or disappear like the ghost of a new friend.

Sometimes, peace even gets stuck in traffic and shows up late when we need it most. So, on those days, when we can’t find our peace, we Make Peace.

This means listening, forgiving, or accepting. Often, it’s about loving, talking, and laughing. Most days, it’s simply about chilling, believing, and seeing. Choosing to be present, in the moment, wherever we are.

On our best days – our most grateful days – we Live Peace. We share it. We spread it. We offer it to the people we love, to strangers we may have hurt, to new friends we just met.

We feel it in the hustles we invent, the mountains we move, the waves we surf, the music we blast, the times we cherish. And in the magic hour, when the sun begins to set and the mood starts to change, we close our eyes and relax, if only for a moment. Comforted by knowing that the sweet taste of peace rested on our lips at least once today.

Frassers. Refresh the Peace.

Two women enjoying Frassers and the sunset at Venice Beach Three men carrying surfboards walking along Venice Beach