Our Story

Freshness & Friendship

Victor and Brandon grew up a million miles apart, but with similar influences. What was cool in Montego Bay was also cool in Stockholm, Venice Beach and around the world.

The sound of friends grinding their skate decks against the concrete, the rhythms of A Tribe Called Quest, the beauty of Air Jordans, the freshness of Stüssy and the love of anyone finding their voice and expressing creativity.

The language of street culture was universal.

A Delicious Elixir

Over the years, we talked about the role hemp could play in our daily lives. We knew the history of the plant. Hemp touches the soul, heals the body, and opens the mind.

What began as an experiment with edibles, developed into the creation of a cultural elixir. Delicious, naturally brewed, hemp infused, 100% organic iced tea.

We mix the spiritual and medicinal properties of nature with the contemporary tastes of culture, sipped in the name of peace and wellness for all.

Chasing Sunsets

We are kindred spirits chasing sunsets, creative passions and entrepreneurial dreams. Bonding over music, issues of equality, and a mutual respect for the power of cannabis to bring people together.

To us, Cannabis has always been Mother Nature's natural icebreaker. A spiritual wonder plant with the ability to bring peace to any moment, any situation, any group of people.